PHInd out

Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes – Peter Drucker.

It all started when a group of “knowledge enthusiasts” agreed to join hands to change the face of the information industry. Determined to be ahead of the game and disrupt the mundane market it has become; we do not see change as an obligation. It is a lifeline on which brands thrive. We are, thus determined to have a one of a kind offering that alters the world of information industry as we know it. We believe that the power of data is in transforming it into relevant and actionable knowledge with no boundaries of interactions, processes or standardizations, but rather focusing on the final outcome and its value. Thus, in this journey we are shifting centrality from tools to individuals who master tools, believing that individuals are the ones who create and shape cultures around them.

The Journey is just beginning,
join us on this ride

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers – Albert Einstein

Our dream is to be a knowledge path, to create a solid footprint in every decision or action entailing knowledge. We strive to be accessible to everyone and to become an extension of our clients’ workforce, helping them to make better informed decisions. PHI is all about the beauty of design, precision in execution and a totality of knowledge. We have the faith that PHI will become the “golden ratio” in our industry and will put things in their optimal shape.




What’s commonly known and followed is not imminent. We question the practiced and introduce finer ways.


Ideas, minds and conversations are free to move across the ecosystem. We will provide an accessible platform that avails interactions between multiple nodes; sharing and creating value for everyone.


Simply realizing that every issue is unique. We will tailor & design custom approaches to provide answers that are equally unique.


No matter how good something works, it’s always a start for something better. We will constantly evolve.