PHI Analytics

Bringing a promise to interpret the hidden relations between the consumer and the Brand through generating actionable/valuable conclusions from a noisy data.

We will not just address the business problem, will pick the right problem that have the most value to our clients and identify the patterns and regularities to create the most commercial value as there is No one way to think of a problem, there is always different ways

Recommend actionable solutions that enables you to alter how an organization approaches a business challenge through obtaining a multi-dimensional view of data and Improving Day-to-Day Operational tasks. Dashboards to aid for faster and better decision making process.
Through asking questions, questioning existing assumptions and inspecting the data sources
Transforming data and gaining deeper insight with the cross-system, trusted data to make data-driven decisions with confidence
Built with top analytics tools, sophisticated models for distribution, allocation, consolidation, conversion and reclassification will be developed
Simulating the impact of future events, merging disparate data and understanding the true drivers of loyalty , customer satisfaction by unifying customer history and current activity that incorporates multiple touch points and channels
Analytics Applications
  • Visualize your sales big picture.
  • Navigate data from the highest level of aggregation to the lowest level of detail.
  • Build a trusted and robust forecast.
  • Unify all your marketing data into a single and trusted view.
  • Measure the return on marketing activity
  • Identify the channels that have higher Margins.
  • Merge disparate data to uncover the real sources of customer loyalty
  • Identify your best customers.
  • Data Automation.
  • Understand the key performance impact across entire processes.