PHI Field & Tab

Who are we?
  • PHI field & tab established in Egypt in the year 2016.
  • Our philosophy is to build a reputation for accuracy & safeguard this position overtime.
  • The company provides end to end operations capability to marketing research firms.
100 highly trained interviewers covering all regions
Experienced Moderators with multiple backgrounds
15 CATI machines
25+ Computer Aided Interviewing machines
Highly equipped state of the art focus group room
Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews
In depth Interviews
Computer Aided Personal Interviews
Mystery Shopping
Focus groups
Central locations
Store Observations


  • 25 tablet
  • QPSMR scripting and DP software, integrating with audio recording & simultaneous listening facility for CATI & GPS enabled devices for CAPI
  • GPS Co-ordinates
  • Tracking of start/ end point & interviewer route
  • Interactive digital maps sampling techniques


  • 100% recorded interviews
  • Possibility of simultaneous listening & whispering
  • 100% Logical checks
  • Random digit generation
  • systematic random sampling techniques always applied
  • Auto dialer
  • Data encryption
  • RAID backup on multiple servers to prevent data loss


  • We have a dedicated team for CLT’s.
  • 10 venues that we recommend using covering all SEC’s.
  • Venues are up to PHI F&T standards

viewing room

  • LED screen
  • 6 Headphones amplifier
  • 2 high quality speakers
  • Full Audio & Video system
  • Comfortable seating for clients convenience

FG Room

  • 2 HD IP cam
  • Very high sensitivity ceiling microphone
  • Comfortable seating and setup to make respondents at ease

You can stream the group live from wherever you are