PHI Analytics

PHI analytics is there to assist you in spotting trends and dissect big data into meaningful stories and patterns. Helping you to learn from past movements by analyzing internal, external or linking different data sets to one another to get the best out of it. PHI analytics provided 360 degrees BI and data modeling solutions. PHI analytics is one of the very few companies established in Egypt that focused on advanced analytics and spreads it’s service across the globe.

PHI analytics offers its services on three dimensions, the first is built around customization in which a particular need is identified and our data scientist build a customized solution tacking such need.

The second dimension is around having clients offloading insights and BI business via retainers under which PHI analytics team acts as remotely based extended team to that of the client and fully manages all internal reporting needs.

While the 3rd dimension is being a product factory, under which PHI analytics generates and patents solutions that could be of relevance to various client like the “Air spotter” based on voice recognition technology, our own unique proprietary algorithms that traces copies being aired on TV channels with full automation based on unique voice finger printing matching techniques that yields an accuracy level of 99.5%. This technology has been used by various clients for estimating the competition push on TV, and also monitoring the broadcaster and media agency actual airing against the media plan. several clients have been able to save millions based on our product after identifying the gaps against the plan accurately. Digital ad simulator (The mimic):  PHI Analytics tool that allows you to test ads in a way simulating the way digital copies air on several platforms, our product allows to build an add clutter and allows respondents to skip the ad wherever they feel like it and we report based on exact seconds watched by respondents and hence are able to gauge all ad testing KPIs based on engagement level respondent shared in a simulated closest to real life setup.

Analytics Framework


Through asking questions, questioning existing assumptions and inspecting the data sources


Transforming data and gaining deeper insight with the cross-system, trusted data to make data-driven decisions with confidence


Built with top analytics tools, sophisticated models for distribution, allocation, consolidation, conversion and reclassification will be developed


Simulating the impact of future events, merging disparate data and understanding the true drivers of loyalty , customer satisfaction by unifying customer history and current activity that incorporates multiple touch points and channels


Recommend actionable solutions that enables you to alter how an organization approaches a business challenge through obtaining a multi-dimensional view of data and Improving Day-to-Day Operational tasks. Dashboards to aid for faster and better decision making process.

Analytics Applications

Grow & Forecast your SALES

Visualize your sales big picture.
Navigate data from the highest level of aggregation to the lowest level of detail.
Build a trusted and robust forecast.

Make MARKETING decisions with confidence

Unify all your marketing data into a single and trusted view.
Measure the return on marketing activity
Identify the channels that have higher Margins.
Merge disparate data to uncover the real sources of customer loyalty
Identify your best customers.

Healthy OPERATIONS process in place

Data Automation.
Understand the key performance impact across entire processes.

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